Euromax Exploration Services Ltd. is an independent and ambitious mineral exploration service company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is well established to provide a wide range of target generation exploration and project development services across SE Europe and West Tethian region. Our proud is our ability to respond to any specific client’s requirements, following the local and international HSC&E best practices. 


One of the most experienced exploration teams that is already established in the Balkan region. 

Modern field equipment, twelve  predominantly new 4x4 terrain vehicles, D-GPSes, NITON spectrometer, field  magnetometer, environmental monitoring equipment, etc.


Ability to design and/or manage entire or partial exploration programs in a cost effective manner with a fully equipped team that is ready to commence activities at very short notice.


Field of expirience: Target selection; Mapping on regional; local and deposit scales with an emphasis on detailed experience of mineral assemblages associated with all relevant mineralised systems; Planning and execution of  BLEG, stream sediment geochemistry, litho geochemical, soil geochemistry; Carrying out and interpreting Mag, Gravity and IP surveys; Design and management of trenching and drill programmes, QA/QC, experience of drill contractors and assay labs in the region; Diamond core (all diameters from SQ to BQ), geotechnical and RC drilling.

Data collection, management, visualisation and interpretation using GIS systems; Deposits database design, management, validation and modelling using Surpac 6.6, ArcGis, Geosoft Target for ArcGis, SynArc, MapInfo, AcadMap, MS Access, Oracle, and other GIS and database programs.

Geological modelling and Resource estimation; Experience in 43-101 compliant QA/QC reporting.

Experience in preparing in-country reports for ministries in the Balkans.

Euromax Exploration Services Ltd  is a member of Bulgarian chamber of mining and geology.


Contact us

T: 00395 978 4880,   8 Prof. Asen Zlatarov Str., Sofia 1504, Bulgaria, Ina Mihaylova